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29 March

How often to consume CBD?

The arrival of the CBD on the market and its growing popularity bring with him his question of questions. Among them, the question of the frequency of consumption. Because if the CBD does not produce any psychoactive effect, depending on the products used, dosage and cadence vary. Consumer warned or beginner, this article is for you.

The best time of the day to consume CBD
How often do CBD?
Different effects depending on the product

The best time of the day to consume CBD

With cannabis (illegal) as with CBD (legal) each person does not manage cannabinoids in the same way different; The feeling being totally subjective. If some people prefer to consume it as soon as you feel toned, focus and stimulated, others will, on the contrary, prefer to wait in the evening, to relax and take a moment Chill in front of the TV. There is also a third category of anyone who prefers to wait for the post pause-dej bar before consuming CBD, to have a whipper effect. Finally, the last other type of consumers are people adepts from taking throughout the day: a little bit every time. In short, on the question "Is there an ideal time to consume CBD?", The answer is "when you want and so that's right for you". Because it is good about that. Since each person reacts differently to the effects of cannabidiol, it is important to know each other to be the only judge of the timely moment of your consumption. For novices, perhaps it's better to start consuming in the evening and the weekend, during calm moments and see how the body reacts. The experience will determine the best time of the day for you, according to your tolerance threshold and your needs. Note still that the CBD is not a psychoactive substance, it does not change the behavior and can therefore be coupled with a professional activity and a personal and / or family life.

Good to know

The CBD being fat soluble, that is to say that it easily binds to fatty bodies, eating it by eating it increases bioavailability, in other words its absorption and thus, to increase the effects. Here is a recipe of butter of Cannabis at CBD That you can easily integrate into your recipes, for even more sensations.

How often do CBD?

If the ideal time to consume CBD is clean to each, the same goes for the frequency of consumption. The reason or reasons why consumer can also bring some people to introduce its use in a daily or punctual way. In general, consuming CBD regularly maintains a certain level of cannabidiol in the body and therefore enjoy more of its effects.

In addition, the efficiency duration of the CBD after a jack varies according to the persons, because many factors fall into account, such as weight, dosage, frequency of use or CBD rate contained in the product consumed. The researchers believe that the ideal dose to ingest is 1 to 6 mg per 5 kg slice, without exceeding the maximum dose of 1500 mg per day. This calculation varies depending on the type of products consumed, but it constitutes a good indication to keep in mind.

To avoid you making maths in every way, here is an indicative table of the dose to take depending on the desired effects according to your weight.

Light effects


Intense effects

45 to 65 kg

9 mg

22.5 mg

54 mg

65 to 90 kg

13 mg

32.5 mg

78 mg

90 kg and more

18 mg

45 mg

108 mg


Like the best time of consumption for you, to find the ideal dose and frequency, you will have to use the empirical way, go gradually and do tests. If you are a used cannabis, do not think you can stall CBD consumption on that of THC because the effects are different. So, patience ...

Different effects depending on the product

Flowers, infustics, truffles, oils, etc. The CBD comes in many forms, but all do not produce the same effects. First, according to the products, the mode of administration is different and with him the way of feeling the effects, but also the speed of diffusion of cannabinoid in the body. The sublingual method (a few drops of oil under the tongue) is the fastest.

Then you have to pay attention to the CBD content. The more a product contains a high rate of CBD, the higher the effects.

Finally, the sensations differ if the product is complete spectrum (Broad spectrum), or if it is a CBD isolate. As many clues that can help you orient yourself as to the dosage to use and when using it. To give you an idea order, our Spaces bags represent a high CBD product (25%). We recommend more to knowledgeable consumers than beginners. In addition, the feeling of relaxation will be so intense, it is better to eat them at the end of the day, placed in your canap in front of a good series. On the other hand, Our CBD oil Available at different CBD levels may suit beginners if it is chosen at 5 or 10%.


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