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29 December

How to choose your CBD flowers?

There are many kinds of CBD flowers and you can sometimes find you drowned in the middle of a jargon that is unknown to you. Knowing the type of legal cannabis you buy is paramount to make sure you consume a product that meets your research, which respects the European law and who will satisfy you in every respect. Here is a horizon tour to help you better realize your purchases.

The legality of the product

Legal cannabis flowers come from a plant called hemp. The peculiarity of this plant is that it contains very little THC (unlike illegal cannabis). The hemp produces both male and female plants. For CBD consumption, only females are interesting, since they are they producing flowers.
The latter are subject to special attention during their development. Once arrived at maturity, they enter a cycle to be harvested, cleaned and then marketed. The CBD flowers are subject to regular checks at each stage of their production, to ensure that they have a THC content (psychoactive cannabis substance) of less than 0.2% to comply with European legislation in force.

Culture modes

The varieties of hemp flowers grow in different ways. They can be cultivated in "indoor" (inside), in "outdoor" (outside) or in "green-houses" (greenhouses). Each mode of culture allows the plant to develop different characteristics. Ivory Swiss's team explains all that.

Indoor culture

This mode of culture is often very appreciated by CBD flower consumers. Moreover, one considers that an indoor flower will be of superior quality. The reason is very simple. Indoor culture promotes plant growth because CO2 level is higher than for an outdoor culture. In addition, producers control the rate of lighting, moisture, pH .... Finally, the plant is protected from external parasites, but also capricious weather conditions. Thus, flowers develop quietly, and contain a more concentrated CBD rate.

Outdoor culture

The outdoor culture allows a more traditional culture of flowers. Often imperfect visually, they nevertheless contain their own characteristics. These flowers generally have a strong character with pronounced flavors, more gross aromas. This is due to the nutrient wealth of the soil that nourished them.

Culture in Green House

The greenhouse culture is halfway between Indoor and Outdoor hemp culture. Indeed, plants benefit from the food of the earth on which planting is, but are nevertheless protected from pests and bad weather. They receive a rich diet and take advantage of a micro-climate; enjoy direct sunlight, very bright and intense. They give hemp flowers of good quality.

Difference between the sativa flowers and indica

When you browse our CBD Shop Ivory Swiss You often encounter the terms "sativa" and "indica". They designate plant varieties that have specific features. In other words, these words correspond to the origins of the plant, part of its DNA that will determine its shape, performance, effects and quality.
The indica plants are mountain plants from India, Morocco, Turkey, Afghanistan or Pakistan. They measure less than 1 meter high and grow in bush. Indica flowers are reputed to have relaxing effects with a rather high cannabidiol rate.
Conversely, the sativa variety comes from hot and tropical regions. They come from African countries, Asia, but also of Ecuador or Colombia. They usually measure 2 meters high and possess longer and thin flowers. Consumers appreciate it for its rich and varied aromatic palette. Unlike the indica varieties, the sativa stimulate brain activity, act on creativity and energy.
It is important to specify that each flower, whatever its variety, presents its own attributes. This is why two indica flowers will not have the same taste, not the same rate of CBD, nor the same aromas. This is also one of the reasons why the cannabic world is so haunting!

The virtues of CBD flowers

Legal cannabis flowers act on our endocannabinoid system, so dear to the overall balance of our body. By consuming hemp, the CBD participates in maintaining this balance. It is in no way a drug *, but is used as a dietary supplement. It is then interesting to consume it to reinforce the effects of other plants, for example. Thus, CBD cannabis flowers are used to reduce stress or anxiety. They help fall asleep. They can also participate in the reduction of certain pain or inflammation.
* Never substitute drug treatment without the prior consent of your doctor.


We have prepared a small checklist to guide you for the choice of CBD flowers most adapted to your needs.
1- Prefer indoor culture for the consumption of your pure CBD flowers. In fact, at Ivory Swiss, it is the culture mode that we are privileging in order to deliver quality products premium. You can find all our Legal cannabis flowers here
2- Make sure to buy controlled CBD flowers, which respect the laws in Europe. That's why we submit our crops to laboratory tests. Our products are traceable at each step of manufacture, which allows us to guarantee a 100% Swiss product. Finally, we clearly indicate the CBD rate contained in each of our flowers, as well as their THC levels less than 0.2%.
3- Test and find the tastes and aromas that you like. On the Ivory Swiss website, you will find a clear description for each flower sold on our CBD Shop. So, you know if you buy a flower with a rather sweet, acidulated or wooded taste. But the best is still to taste ... you need more information? Do you have questions about our CBD flowers? Contact us at, our team will be happy to inquire.


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