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25 July

How is CBD beneficial for athletes?

Several sports activities require different regimes to improve recovery and strengthen mental and physical capacities. Whether you are followers of simple or high impact sports practices, it is possible to feel muscle pain, aches and other forms of stress throughout the body.

A better training and recovery preparation regime is essential to improve its sporting activity and your desire to get better results. In this regard, several sports fanatics prefer natural alternatives, and Quality CBD For sport can offer many benefits to the body of an athlete. the CBD Is it authorized in sport, and what are its advantages for a sportsman? How to choose your CBD Premium for Sport ? Discover all the answers in this guide.

Is the CBD allowed in sport?

Since January 2018, the World Anti-Doping Agency (Ama) excluded the cannabidiol from the prohibited product list in sports competition. Since then, CBD is now authorized in sport. Note that this relaxation measure only concerns the CBD and cannot apply to all cannabinoids, including THC, which is considered a drug.

Removing CBD from the substances prohibited in sport is after all a recognition Many benefits provided by CBD consumption among amateurs than professionals. The CBD remains however subject to a few rules of conformity. This natural molecule must be extracted from hemp varieties registered in the official register and containing less than 0.3% of THC. Thus, it cannot cause any psychotropic effect or an effect of dependence.

The other rule of conformity to which the CBD is submitted is that it should not contain flowers or hemp leaf. Therefore, any sportsman who wants to enjoy the benefits of the CBD, in particular CBD oil must take care to choose from CBD Full Spectrum, exempt from THC or CBD isolate.

Advantages of CBD for athletes

Athletes are always looking for performance. From jogging athletes to marathon runners, including fighting professionals or billiard players, a large number of athletes use the Concentrated CBD To treat muscle pain and facilitate muscle recovery, rest as well as concentration.

CBD relieves muscle pain

CBD is effective in calming muscles and joints in distress After intense training sessions. Here, CBD creams and balms are generally the products most used by athletes. These products derived from cannabidiol calm the overworked muscles during sporting activity and painful articulations. Very often, these formulas available in the best CBD Shop contain healthy, familiar complements like the menthol and the willow bark. The latter offer additional and refreshing benefits.

The use of a product CBD Premium, to massage the calves, the hamstrings, the quadriceps and the endolris IT band, makes the muscles and the joints happy and helps them to recover better after the effort.

Massage on tired muscles offers them many benefits. This is why we find a team of sports massage experts in each sports team. Note that physiotherapy and orthopedic massage are the standards of the sports industry.

CBD promotes muscle recovery

A muscle recovery exercise and the restoration of carbohydrates and electrolytes of the body by a good diet are better ways to start the recovery process after sport. For the recovery of soft fabrics and healthy massages, CBD is par excellence a precious addition to your recovery toolbox. This natural substance obviously has relaxing properties.

Several athletes think cannabidiol Help them recover faster after their intensive training. Generally, runners turn to CBD to reduce muscle discomfort, relax tensions, improve sleep and solve annoying problems.

However, when it comes to recovery, the range of formulas CBD France On which athletes rely are even wider. Baumes CBD refreshing are a popular choice. Likewise, athletes find the CBD oils, CBD capsules very useful for recovery.

CBD promotes rest

Cannabidiol has a depressive effect on the central nervous system, allowing the nervous system to relax and relax. Athletes consume CBD products To improve their sleep and therefore their muscle recovery. When the CBD is consumed a few hours before bedtime, it acts so that sleep comes more easily, more quickly and is of better quality.

Again, the different properties of cannabidiol act in synergy, because the molecule effectively relaxes the central nervous system while promoting the relaxation and relaxation of the muscles of the body. Sleep then becomes optimal and restful.

CBD promotes concentration

To stay focused on a daily basis, you have to rest, which is essential for any athlete. For those who confuse the CBD and THC, it can be surprising to learn that athletes turn to cannabidiol to better stay focused. And unlike THC, this molecule does not make you "hover".

That athletes use CBD to relieve their nerves, Soothing their sore muscles or improving their rest, they already have a huge advantage in terms of concentration. As an additional bonus, products supplemented by vitamins, caffeine and L-Arginine work with the calming effects of cannabidiol to improve concentration.

CBD fights anxiety

Any competitive sports activity can exert very significant mental pressure on an athlete. Indeed, the need to impress while exercising can easily cause anxiety and stress, thus affecting performance. Another form of anxiety that affects certain athletes. CBD is fortunately a solution that can Reduce anxiety triggers without side effects.

Depending on the environment in which he trains, a sportsman can vaporize Quality CBD Before his competitions and training sessions. While some are worried about the ideal dosage to inhibit anxiety, regular cbd microphones can offer great relief in stress and anxiety. An increase in the performance of the sportsman reflects this appeasement of the mind and the body.

How to choose the right CBD dosage as a sportsman?

The dosage of cannabidiol depends on each athlete. However, there are some criteria to follow to define the adequate dosage. These include the CBD concentration, the weight of the sportsman, the body chemistry and the quality of the product.

Take into account CBD concentration

All cannabidiol products sold in CBD Boutique display a varied concentration of CBD. When you take for example a CBD oil, you will distinguish different concentrations of 5%, 10%, 20% and 30% on the labels. And from one concentration to another, the effects of the substance differ.

Take into account the weight of the sportsman

Like the other food supplements sold in specialized stores, the CBD must also be well balanced depending on the weight of the consumer. The heavier the athlete weighs, the more important the dosage of cannabidiol must be important for the individual to feel effects. The conventional dose is between 1 and 6 mg per 5 kg slice. Thus, a 70 kg sportsman must consume 14 and 70 mg of CBD per day.

Take into account bodily chemistry

Bodily chemistry in athletes as in any individual can have an impact on the action of Concentrated CBD. As an illustration, if two identical weight and size marathonists take CBD together, it is not easy that they react in the same way. Therefore, it is important to dose cannabidiol to each person. Also, taking medication can inhibit or reverse the effect of CBD.

Take into account the quality of cannabidiol

The quality of the CBD sets out the most important criteria to buy CBD in France where in other countries where it is legal. In the shops of CBD sale, cannabidiol products are not actually identical, which also differentiates their effectiveness. A CBD oil Produced from a organic hemp plant that respects the Supercritical CO2 method preserves the organoleptic qualities of cannabis. It is therefore more effective than another lower quality CBD product.

Take into account your medical condition

In an athlete who feels light symptoms and another which undergoes more weighing symptoms, the quality of CBD to consume is quite different.

Two specialists from CBD Leonardo Leinow and Juliana Birnbaum advocated in their work entitled "CBD: A Patient’s Guide to Medical CannabisA progressive approach to medical cannabis. They recommend dosage with microphones, standard doses or doses macros depending on the disease. The patient can then increase the dose of the CBD every week until he finds the adequate dosage to his needs and his profile.

How to choose a CBD for sport?

As said before, the CBD is particularly popular with athletes, because it can help them recover better between training sessions and compositions thanks to its relaxing, anti-inflammatory, anxiolytic properties. Choose the right CBD is however an essential condition for increasing its effectiveness. To make your task easier, follow the advice below.

Find out about the provenance and production method of the CBD hemp used

The first question to ask before buying any CBD -based product is that of the provenance and the production mode of the hemp used for manufacturing.

Okay, prefer Hemp cultivated in France or Switzerland, because it is well suited to temperate climates. Therefore, it is easier to get cannabidiol extract from hemp cultivated in France. In the event that it comes from another European country, it is normally easy to know traceability. In this regard, especially beware of brands that do not clearly provide this information.

In addition, prefer the cannabidiol extract from hemp from organic farming. This choice will allow you to fully benefit from the assets of the CBD. Thus, you will avoid ingesting pesticide residues syntheses and other pollutants in conventional agriculture.

However, some sellers of CBD products encounter difficulties in obtaining the organic label. Very recently, the French government has prohibited some organizations from issuing organic certifications to CBD products. So do not hesitate to take information from the seller before buying your CBD.

Know how to recognize the best CBD extraction process

It is also important to recognize the different methods to extract the cannabidiol from the hemp plant, but not all are equal. The most recommended method is CO2 extraction. Using carbon dioxide, it allows you to obtain the purest and most qualitative cannabidiol. The best CBD products sold in CBD Specialized Shop are obtained thanks to this technique.

The other natural method is oil extraction. With this technique, cannabidiol is extracted using food oils. It makes it possible not to leave harmful chemical residues, but the quality of the substance obtained is lower.

However, the method to be avoided is solvent extraction. It can leave traces of solvents in the finished product. Finally, note that the quality and price of the finished product depend mainly on the technique used.

Check the certificate of analysis issued by the laboratory

Whatever the CBD product you want to buy, always take care to request your certificate of analysis or origin (CAD). This document shows the tests that have been carried out on the product in question and allows you to check the rates of CBD and THC. In addition, CAD has the information concerning the standards that have been respected to make the product. In short, it contains all the information it takes to judge the quality of the CBD.


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