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17 May

Unusual facts about CBD: what you did not know!

With the rise of the global wellness industry and the passage of the Farm Bill, consumer demand for CBD-rich extracts, tinctures, capsules, edibles, beverages and topical products has skyrocketed.

However, despite its popularity and multiple ongoing research studies, CBD remains largely misunderstood. This is due, in part, to a misinterpretation of the research on this recently deregulated hemp derivative and misleading marketing claims. In addition, CBD sales and media hype have far outpaced federal regulations and legislation, confusing consumers about the safety and efficacy of CBD. 

Even if you're already familiar with the basics of CBD, there's still a lot to discover about it. From its various extractions to how it's used in cocktails, CBD consumption is far from basic. Keep reading to find out what it's all about, you might be surprised.

The CBD of cannabis vs the CBD of hemp

Both cannabis and hemp plants contain CBD and THC, as well as over 540 other substances. The difference between the two is that cannabis contains much more THC than hemp.

Also, the benefits are the same with hemp-derived CBD as with cannabis-derived CBD. The side effects, such as nausea, fatigue or anxiety remain the same. This is because the chemical composition of CBD does not depend on the plant it comes from.

However, the amount of CBD extract available for extraction will vary depending on the type of plant used. For example, hemp plants are better for manufacturers because they produce more CBD and have fewer legal risks.

CBD and nicotine are two opposite substances

There are a number of differences between these two compounds. One is that, while they both have medicinal properties, they work differently on your body's endocannabinoid system - one being natural, while the other is synthetic.

Another major difference you'll notice is the length of time each type stays in your bloodstream before being broken down by enzymes in your liver; in general, CBD doesn't stay for too long, while nicotine can be present in your bloodstream for much longer.

CBD also lacks many of the addictive properties found in nicotine, such as dependence and withdrawal symptoms, so it will be harder for you to go through an emotional roller coaster when you quit smoking using cannabis.

Another important difference between these two compounds is how they affect neurotransmitter activity; while both increase stimulation of dopamine receptors, nicotine does so by binding to them, while CBD works more indirectly by stimulating the production of endocannabinoids such as anandamide which increases the release of GABA (the "calming" neurotransmitter).

CBD is an organic substance that may be healthier for the body than tobacco. The benefits of CBD add up if it is a hemp product, with government regulatory agencies approving the use of this compound.

There is growing evidence that people are beginning to learn about CBD versus nicotine vaping products and are finding CBD to be a better choice. After all, it has fewer side effects than nicotine while providing the same or even better sensation in some cases.

Can we drive after taking CBD?

According to A Dutch study, CBD has no effect on your ability to drive, but other cannabis strains have had a more varied impact.

According to researcher Johannes Ramaekers, PhD, a professor of psychopharmacology and behavioral toxicology at Maastricht University in the Netherlands, THC-rich strains cause driving impairment up to 4 hours after vaping, but CBD-rich strains do not.

THC-dominant cannabis and the THC/CBD combination caused short-term impairment, measured 40 to 100 minutes after vaping. The impairment was similar to that seen in drivers with a blood alcohol content of 0.05%. 

According to the researchers, drivers did not change lanes after taking a placebo or CBD alone, indicating that CBD, as administered in the study, "did not impair driving."

CBD-dominant cannabis also did not affect thinking or driving skills compared to placebo.

The CBD in itself is tasteless and odorless.

Several factors affect the taste of CBD oil, but in its raw, unprocessed state, the flavor tends to be earthy and bitter.

Flavored CBD oils, on the other hand, contain chemical or natural flavors that mask the taste of pure CBD oil.

The smell of your cannabis is highly dependent on the type of terpenes that exist inside. They strongly affect the smell of the plant, depending on the specific strain of cannabis you have in your hands. However, apart from terpenes, there are several other factors that determine the smell of your CBD.

One of these factors is the ingredients present in a CBD product. If your CBD is of poor quality and has been mixed with other impurities, it can give off a weird, unnatural smell.

If the producers have intentionally mixed it with unnecessary chemicals for CBD advertising and marketing, they could alter it and make it smell better and more like a perfume of some sort. If, on the other hand, they were simply careless in their production, the CBD could have an unpleasant smell.

Another factor that some consider more influential on smell than quality is the type of CBD you have in your hands. In this regard, there are two main types of CBD:

  • Full spectrum: Full-spectrum CBD has a large amount of plant material, with little else in the mix. This is why it usually has a very strong smell that is often compared to that of grass or wheat flower.
  • CBD isolate : It is not created in as complex a way to preserve the plant material as full spectrum CBD. As such, it generally has much milder or no odor. However, it is usually combined with some sort of base oil. If your CBD is combined with a base oil, then you'll probably get a smell, depending on the oil itself. 

Women are more likely to use CBD for health and well-being than men.

A recent report found that CBD use has increased by 3% since March 2020, as more people turned to CBD to support anxiety and pain relief during Covid-19.

Women have consistently pushed the CBD market forward as the fastest growing demographic in years, and more than study has found that women use CBD more than men. For example, a CBD study conducted by the Brightfield Group and HelloMD of 2,400 participants found that 58% of CBD users were women. A study by Ease using data from more than 450,000 cannabis users and 4,000 survey respondents found that female baby boomers represented the largest segment of CBD users and were driving the surge in CBD use. 

Looking at the data, men and women report using CBD for very similar reasons. Pain, anxiety and sleep are the top three reasons both groups use CBD, according to multiple reports and studies. A Gallup survey found that men and women tend to use CBD for pain in similar proportions, but women are more likely to use CBD for anxiety, with 25% of women using it in this way, compared to only 14% of men. On the other hand, men are more likely to use CBD for sleep. In this study, 15% of men used CBD to get more rest, compared to only 8% of women.

So why are women buying more CBD than men? We may need more data to fully answer this question, but currently available studies suggest that women may prioritize the functionality and anxiety relief found with CBD, and prefer methods of use that are readily available with CBD products such as tinctures and topicals. But these results are still very vague. More studies may be able to tell us more.

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