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08 March

Pre-rolled seals: Origin, manufacture and quality

Whether you are regular consumer, neophytes or just curious, you have certainly heard about pre-rolled joints at the CBD. It is a mode of consumption appreciated by many people. We come back here on the history of this mythical product of the legal cannabis fans, the elements that compose it and we give you some tips to appreciate its use.

  1. A pre-rolled seal, what is it?
  2. Why use a Pre Rolled Sticks?
  4. Attention to quality
Pre-rolled CBD joints put in vacuo

A pre-rolled seal, what is it?

Cannabis is a plant used since Egyptian antiquity for its medicinal and recreational virtues. But formerly, peoples consumed cannabis in various forms such as dyeing, oil, cataplas, decoctions, etc. However, some people smoking grass using a pipe or a shisha.

It is only in the 19th century that the first writings attest to the use of marijuana in what is called joints. A pharmacist at the University of Guadalajara discovered, in 1950, that Mexican agricultural workers consumed cannabis mixed with tobacco of their cigarettes.

Later, in the United States, during prohibition, alcohol was forbidden, but the cannabis authorized. The Jazzmen went around the country, taking with them what they nicknamed the "Jazz Cigarettes".

Then, in the 60s, with the hippie movement, the fashion of the joint and the idea of ​​sharing a moment with the others went away in the West and elsewhere.

However, we remember that any inhalation consumption is harmful and dangerous for health.

Originally, a joint was therefore a "magic cigarette", a mixture of tobacco and cannabis. Nowadays, in some countries like Canada, the USA, Spain or the Netherlands, therapeutic cannabis is allowed, and patients can go for pre-rolled seals on medical prescription. In France, the CBD offers the possibility of legal use of the virtues of the cannabis plant. And it is therefore possible to buy Pre-rolled seals at CBD.


Why use a Pre Rolled Sticks?

Roll a seal requires technical, fingering and training. In addition, it means to have its "material" and to be in a place in which it is possible to ride, protected from the wind or rain for example. Thus, the advantage of the Pre Rolled Sticks is obviously their practical side. It's easy to carry, discreet, it does not take room and it's already properly dosed.

The elements that make up the cones

There are 3 elements that make up a pre-rolled seal:

    • the filter
    • The rolling sheet : Often made from rice, hemp or flax, the quality of the leaf to its importance because it can alter the pleasure of the joint. We advise you to choose organic leaves, non-bleached.
    • CBD flowers : At most CBD flowers will be of quality, at most you will enjoy the benefits of this active ingredient, but not that. Indeed, a premium quality flower is a flower that has a particular aroma and a unique taste. It is a flower that is able to get you a moment of relaxation, while provoking you a taste and olfactory pleasure. Again, we recommend that you pay attention to the mode of culture used.

At Ivory Swiss, our hemp plants are organic and cultivated in the greatest respect for nature. Our infustics contain CBD flowers and nothing else. Our products are guaranteed without tobacco, without fungicidal, or additive, and contain no waste from the plant. Discover the stages of the fabrications of our infustics:

    • Step 1 : The flowers are crushed to obtain a light and homogeneous trim

This step is crucial because it allows the manufacture of pre-rolled joints that will be pleasant to consume, without pieces that could interfere.

CBD flowers in a large bin
CBD trim in a large bin


    • 2nd step : The trim is poured into pre-rolled cones
    • Step 3 : A vibration machine takes care of taking the trim in the cone

This step makes it possible not to have a hole in the cone. The final product is therefore regular for a very pleasant consumption.

    • Step 4 : Infustiks are inserted into an aluminum box and then put in vacuo to guarantee you maximum freshness and optimal conservation of flavors.
Packaged pre-rolled seals


Once in possession of your pre-rolled cones, we recommend that you respect the rule of the enemies of the CBD. In other words, keep your infustics in a cool and dry place, safe from heat and moisture. By the way, leave your pre-rolled seals in the open air (on the living room table or on a shelf, for example), may pose them. They will therefore be less good for consumption. A wooden box, aluminum or glass jar are good alternatives. For long-term storage, do not use a box or plastic tube. Indeed, the plastic attracts an electric shock which, with time, degrades the trichomes contained in the CBD.

Attention to quality

We will never say enough, but the quality of the CBD imports. When you buy pre-rolled joints at the CBD, do not hesitate to inform you about the origin of hemp, its mode of culture and harvest, but also if there are other products that enter the composition of these Products. Always prefer premium quality legal cannabis, such as the products we offer on our website


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