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28 July

Health by CBD hemp and plants

Hemp has an unvatable reputation, mainly because of its close ties with marijuana. Although hemp and marijuana are types of plants cannabis, there are several essential differences between the two. Very recently, the constraints that limit research on cannabis have released, and a tidal wane of research and development was triggered. Thus, we could see in a clear way the interesting chemical composition of hemp and by ricochet its advantages on health. If you have long been used to believing that there is only taking medication that guarantees good health, you should keep in mind that hemp and plants can also contribute.

Cannabis: difference between hemp and marijuana

The name cannabis still often arouses questions and is generally directly associated with Coffeeshops. However, we have all heard of CBD infusions and many others. Contrary to popular belief, the cannabis Can designate both hemp and marijuana. The two plants belong to the same family. They are both cannabis plants, but they differ considerably in their composition. Traditionally, the cannabis is cultivated in medicinal herb gardens for the treatment of all kinds of diseases.

When the plant is developed to be large and strong with thick and fibrous stems and it contains only a small amount of THC, it is usually called hemp. The hemp seeds are mainly used as a food source and its fibers are used for industrial purposes, in particular to create textiles and construction materials or to extract the CBD for medicinal purposes. When the plant is cultivated to produce large lush leaves and flowers whose content is high in cannabinoids, its floral buds are used for recreational purposes. Some give the name of Marihuana with cannabis used this way.

Difference in the CBD and THC content

the hemp and the Marihuana are plants that both come from the same kind of the cannabis family (cannabis Sativa L.), but which differ enormously from each other. The most important and best known difference between the two types of cannabis is the THC, the cannabinoid responsible for the effect psychedelic. Marihuana is mainly cultivated to obtain the highest possible concentrations of THC, while hemp, with its minimum levels, is mainly cultivated for industrial purposes. Products made from hemp therefore have the advantage of not leaving the user a feeling of smash or euphoria.

List of other differences

In addition to this major difference in psychoactivity, there are many other differences between the two types of cannabis plants. You will find below the main points of difference between hemp and cannabis:

  • Difference in psychoactivity
  • Difference in the dominance of cannabinoids (THC and CBD)
  • Different applications
  • A different mode of growth
  • Difference in the amount of trichomes
  • Difference in the amount of cannabinoids and terpenes
  • Odor difference
  • Difference in grip
  • Distinction in legality
  • Price difference

What do hemp seeds contain?

The Hemp seeds used, are good for health because hemp contains significant nutrients. You will find below a list of the most important nutrients and their advantages.

Vitamins and minerals

The hemp seeds contain vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, C and E. This composition is at the origin of the effectiveness of the CBD. Vitamin B ensures optimal energy management. Vitamin E regulates the metabolism of cells and protects blood circulation, cells, cell wall and tissues. Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant (protects the body from harmful substances) and improves the absorption of iron, resistance and formation of connective tissue. The hemp seeds Also contain many different minerals: calcium, phosphorus, iron, iodine, magnesium, potassium, copper and zinc.

Essential fatty acids: omega 3, 6 and 9

The cannabis seed is rich in essential fatty acids, such as Omega 3, Omega 6, Omega 9 and gamma-linolenic acid. These fatty acids can be good for:

  • the skin,
  • Memory,
  • joints,
  • Heart and blood vessels.

In addition, some fatty acids have anti-inflammatory effects and hormone regulators.

Proteins: essential amino acids and enzymes

The hemp seeds contain essential amino acids and enzymes, such as globulin and lecithin. Globulin (alpha, beta and gamma globulin) contributes, among other things, to strengthen the immune system and replace the fabrics damaged by new tissues. Lécithin ensures, among other things, the proper functioning of the liver.


The hemp seeds contain a lot of fibers, which is good for good digestion. In addition, the fibers provide a feeling of satiety, which prevents you from falling back on (little healthy) snacks after a meal.

Finally, we show that 28 grams of hemp seeds contain approximately:

  • 161 Calories
  • 3.3 grams of carbohydrates
  • 9.2 grams of protein
  • 12.3 grams of fat
  • 2 grams of fibers
  • 2.8 milligrams of manganese
  • 15.4 milligrams of vitamin E
  • 300 milligrams of magnesium
  • 405 milligrams of phosphorus
  • 5 milligrams of zinc
  • 3.9 milligrams of iron
  • 0.1 milligram of copper

This hemp composition obviously has huge health benefits.

What are the benefits of hemp on health?

Before talking about the benefits of hemp, you have to understand its different consumption modes. People consume hemp in different ways. The most frequent are listed below.

  • Roll it up and smoke it like a cigarette or a cigar.
  • Smoke the hemp in a pipe
  • Mix it with food and eat it
  • Prepare hemp as a CBD tea or infusion
  • Do the dabbing
  • Consume hemp with vaporizers
  • electronic (vaping)

All these consumption methods lead to the same effects.

Hemp helps prevent heart disease

The hemp seed Contains arginine amino acid, which produces nitric oxide and causes lower blood pressure and reduction in the risk of cardiovascular disease. This amino acid leads to a reduction in C-reactive protein levels (CRP), a protein that can lead to heart disease.

Hemp seed reduces inflammation

As hemp seeds also contain gamma-linolenic acid, which has been proven to be reduced, it is suggested that this plant can help fight inflammation and the affections linked to it. Reduced hemp seed:

  • The allergies,
  • Eczema,
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome,
  • The Depression.

Hemp seed is rich in antioxidants

From blueberries to pecan, there are a whole range of antioxidant foods that protect the organism from harmful free radicals. Fortunately, you can also add the hemp seeds to this food list. With a high concentration of vitamin E and phenolic acid, hemp is ideal for obtaining antioxidants that we need so much.

Hemp seed improves skin problems

The hemp seeds are rich in many vital minerals, but the presence of omega-3 fatty acids also means that hemp seeds are useful if you have problems or skin conditions.

Hemp seed is good for cholesterol levels

The hemp seeds contain not only omega-3 fatty acids, but also omega-6 fatty acids, and this balance even contributes to accelerating your metabolism. Hemp seeds contain more than 30 % fat from linoleic acid (omega-6) and alpha-linolenic acid (omega-3). Therefore, the cholesterol Unless you cling to the blood vessels.

Hemp seed combats degenerative diseases

The hemp seed contains a high concentration of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), which gives it great pharmaceutical value compared to degenerative chronic diseases. This may mean that the seed of hemp Can help cancer treatment, cardiovascular disorders and even debilitating diseases such as Alzheimer's disease.

Hemp benefits above all from its CBD content

Hemp is richly with CBD. The advantages of CBD in the health field are enormous. As a result, the use of hemp is associated with these beneficial effects. We have :

  • Reduction of certain symptoms in the somatic field

CBD is frequently presented as an efficient painkiller and anti-inflammatory. the CBD Reduce the symptoms of acute and chronic pain, or those induced by heavy treatment, without the addiction effect of certain existing drugs.

This is the case with CBD Antaler. the CBD could also reduce nausea and increase appetite according to the studies carried out. For instance, Infuse CBD would reduce pain in cases of cancer, as well as vomiting due to chemotherapy, without altering its effectiveness. the CBD still have antioxidant properties that would be effective against skin inflammation such as psoriasis.

  • Improved quality of life/reduction of certain symptoms in the psychic field

The CBD would also have relaxing and soothing properties, and would reduce stress. The many varieties of CBD In particular would have anxiolytic effects and would produce benefits for people with post-traumatic stress. CBD in particular theCBD Relax, would also have positive effects on mood as well as sedative properties allowing an improvement in sleep. It also has an antipsychotic action potential that could help patients suffering from schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression or other mental disorders.

Hemp health: potential side effects

Although the hemp seems to offer many benefits, it is not without disadvantages and side effects. These effects are analogous to those characteristic of cannabis taking in general.

Short -term side effects

Short -term side effects, that is to say those that only manifest themselves when cannabinoids are in the body at higher levels. This is the case during high doses of CBD. These effects may include:

  • A short -term memory loss,
  • A decrease in motor skills,
  • A decrease in reaction time,
  • Tiredness,
  • Anxiety,
  • The panic,
  • An increase in heart rate,
  • An increase or decrease in blood pressure and
  • The drought of the mouth.

These effects can make activities dangerous such as driving and using large machines. We must therefore avoid cannabis before undertaking any activity that requires rapid reflection and good reflexes.

Long -term side effects

The long -term side effects are those that manifest themselves after regular consumption of hemp. They may include

  • The Depression,
  • Anxiety
  • Drug addiction or dependence on cannabis products.
  • Brain development problems: people who have started consuming hemp in adolescence can have problems of reflection, memory and learning
  • Cough and respiratory problems if you smoke frequently.

If you typically consume the cannabis By smoking it, other long -term effects can occur, including chronic cough, bronchitis and pulmonary infections. You can avoid these effects by choosing other administration methods, such as

  • vaporization,
  • edible oils,
  • oral sprayers and
  • Capsules.

In some cases, the consumption of cannabis Long -term can cause a disorder called cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome. Its symptoms include nausea, vomiting and colic abdominal pain that can be temporarily relieved by taking hot or permanently eliminated showers by the cessation of all cannabis consumption.

Hemp: Special precautions and warnings

It should also be noted that some people should avoid cannabis products, even the most harmless as the CBD Whether for recreational or medical purposes. This includes pregnant women since there is not enough evidence to know how the cannabis affects the development fetus. People with personal or family history of mental illness should also try to avoid cannabis because it could exacerbate certain mental health syndromes.

In general, it is very important that children and adults under the age of 25 do not consume cannabis, as there is evidence to the effect of cannabis consumption can influence brain development. You also have to be aware of potential interaction Between cannabis and other drugs that can lead to an increase or decrease in blood concentrations in various drugs.

Overall, the hemp is on. He presents practically no overdose potential, so that he does not have any death by overdose. But it is important to be aware of Side effects and potential complications which can cause fatal accidents in people who behave recklessly when they consume this substance.


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