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11 March

CBD butter: the base of cannabic recipes!

If you too are a fan of legal cannabis, you will love this recipe. Marrakech butter is easy to make and can be used everywhere: on toast, in cakes, for cooking... The possibilities are endless and the deliciousness real.
  1. Why cook with CBD?
  2. What flowers to choose?
  3. Calculation of CBD content
  4. Our CBD butter recipe
  5. Conservation
  6. Tips and suggestions

Why cook with CBD?

CBD has many benefits on our body, especially in terms of relaxation and unwinding, whether physical or mental. Making recipes with CBD flowers allows you to enjoy the benefits of legal cannabis in various forms, while indulging yourself. Unlike space cakes, for example, with recipes made with CBD, there is no risk of a bad trip.
Before you start cooking, you should be aware of one thing: CBD is a fat-soluble substance. This means that it is more assimilated when it is associated with a fat. This is why we have chosen to teach you how to make Marrakech butter, which will serve as a base for many recipes, sweet or savory. 

What flowers to choose?

There are flowers of CBD and flakes, also called of the trim. If you are already adept of the CBD, you can, without any concern, to realize butter of Marrakech by using flowers. If, on the contrary, you are novices, we advise you to use trim. Moreover, the butters made with flowers have a more pronounced taste, while those made with flakes of CBD are lighter and discreet in mouth. Finally, read carefully the descriptions of the tastes and flavors of each variety of CBD. Some are sweeter than others, more spicy, fruity, etc. You can have fun according to your tastes, your desires, but also your recipes. For example, if you want to prepare cookies for a gourmet snack to enjoy in front of a movie, the variety Caramel Kush is a good choice. Its sweet and caramelized tastes go very well with chocolate.
Packaging CBD Flowers Caramel Kush of Ivory Swiss

Calculation of CBD content

When you make your cannabutter, it is important to know what will be its content of cannabidiol. Indeed, ingested, the CBD is not assimilated in the same way by the body, and the felt effects can thus be stronger and last longer. 
To be sure to be able to consume your butter in all peace, and at any time of the day, here is a technique to calculate its content in CBD.To help us, we are going to take the example of a flower of CBD to 10%.
For 1 gram of flower, you have 100 mg of CBD. If you use a bag of 5g, you will have 500mg of CBD for a 250g butter plate. The CBD content of your Marrakech butter will then be 2%. As long as the content of CBD does not exceed 5%, the effect remains rather soft.

CBD muffins and CBD flowers

 Our CBD butter recipe

We propose you a recipe with 3%. For this, you need :
Preparation time : 2h30
Cooking time : 3h00
Rest : 4h00
Ingredients (for 100g of finished product)
3g of CBD flowers
120g of soft butter (or coconut oil)
10 cl of water
  • Step 1 : Chop your CBD flowers as finely as possible. The more powder you get, the better it will mix with the fat.
  • 2nd step : In a large saucepan, heat the butter and water. The butter will cook for several hours, but it should not burn. Hence the use of water.
  • Step 3 : Once the butter is completely melted, turn down the heat and stir in the CBD flower powder.
  • Step 4 : Mix well and make sure there is still some water in the pot. 
  • Step 5 : Once the mixture is boiling, lower the heat again and cover. Let it cook for about 3 hours.
  • STEP 6 : Strain the resulting mixture through a sieve.
  • STEP 7 : Place the mixture in the refrigerator, preferably in a soft mold, such as a silicone mold, to facilitate removal from the mold.
  • Step 8 : After a minimum of 4 hours in the refrigerator, the butter is ready. Remove the water from the container. And enjoy!


The legal cannabis butter keeps very well, in a cool place, for about 15 days. It keeps all its properties and flavors. You can also freeze it. In this case, we advise you to separate the butter in small quantities of 30 to 50g to facilitate its later use. Indeed, once frozen, this butter becomes particularly hard and brittle.

Tips and suggestions

If you wish, you can add spices to your cannabutter. Don't hesitate to be creative: herbs de provence, espelette pepper, cinnamon, vanilla, etc. It is preferable to add the spices at the time of the infusion, so that they reveal all their flavours.


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