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04 March

Orange Bud Horizon Tour

If this variety is no longer to present on the cannabic scene, it has been proven for more than 40 years! Genuine legend, Orange Bud has conquered the hearts of many consumers. Back on an iconic plant and its CBD version.

The history of Orange Bud

It was at the end of the 1970s - early 1980s, that Orange Bud was the day in California. She pushed under the west coast sun, on the other side of the Atlantic, before being imported into Amsterdam's coffee shops in the 80s. It comes from the variety of skunk, it is- to say that it is pledge of power and quality. Indeed, Skunk varieties, such as Orange Bud are hybrids at Dominance Sativa and who are genetic:

  • Acapulco Gold
  • Columbian Gold
  • Afghan indica


It is also its perfect genetics that has, over time, conquered many farmers and consumers around the world and allowed it to be rewarded, repeatedly, in the 1990s. It has by Example won second place in the organic category at High Times Cannabis Cup in 1994.

Its aromas and perfumes

One of the main features that have made the legendary reputation of Orange Bud is its aroma. Recognizable between thousand, he has seduced and continues to seduce generations of lovers of Skunk.

If the Orange Bud owes its name to the color of its pistils, it is also for its taste of orange and bitter clementin that it has been named as well. Some amateurs also find him a flavor of mango-passion, very sweet and enjoyable. This variety is particularly appreciated by those who prefer a fresh, sweet and fruity perfume. In order to preserve all of its aromas, CBD flowers must be hermetically preserved, protected from moisture and heat.

At the level of the smell, the Orange Bud releases a pleasant smell that transports you to a orange grove under the Californian sun!

Characteristics: A variety of dominance sativa

The Orange Bud is a variety of CBD flower at Dominance Sativa, which means that it has characteristics favoring creativity, thanks to its euphorizable and stimulating benefits. It is therefore a CBD flower with a rather cerebral effect, ideal for being consumed during the day. Many consumers also recognize her benefits at the level of anxiety. Finally, the Orange Bud is perfectly addressed to regular consumers as occasional because it provides a soft feeling of joy and promotes socialization. Due to his shot effect, it is better not to consume this variety in the evening.

In order to make you live the best possible CBD experience, at Ivory, we practice an indoor culture, to offer you flowers of premium quality, with exceptional flavors. Our CBD flowers respect the legislation in force and have a THC rate less than 0.2%, which ensures a consumption legally.

Consume Orange Bud by Ivory

Thanks to its high CBD content (9%), the Orange Bud is a variety of perfect CBD flowers to relax, but also to tickle your creativity.

In order to take full advantage of the effects of CBD contained in the Orange Bud FlowersThe Ivory team recommends that you consume it as follows :.

    • In infusion: Prepare ginger infusion - Orange Bud to gain vitality. Ginger is recognized for its energetic virtues. Associated with Orange Bud flowers, fill up with vitality throughout the day, while feeling calm and quiet. Level Taste: Ginger blends very well with the exotic and sweet notes of Orange Bud.

To prepare this infusion: mix some Orange Bud CBD flowers in a fatty body such as honey or milk. Add cold water and fresh ginger, then boil for about 30 minutes. Filter this decoction. Sweet according to your taste ..

  • In culinary preparation: Use this flower in your culinary, sweet or salty preparations. Use it as an aromatic grass, and add a small touch of PEPs to your dishes.

The Orange Bud is ideal for preparing CBD butter which can serve you as a basis for many recipes.

To sum up: Identity card of Orange Bud

  • Genetic : Dominance Sativa
  • Parents : Colombian Gold, Acapulco Gold, Afghan Indica
  • Production : Indoor and Bio
  • CBD rate : >0,2 %
  • THC rate : 9 %
  • Flavor : Orange, Clementine, Mango-Passion
  • Perfumes : citrus, fruity, sweet
  • Flowers : average size, deep green with orange pistils
  • Effects : energizing, cerebral, creative


There is no doubt that Orange Bud has not finished accompanying you in your legal cannabis experience. This variety is one of the most sold around the world! Its unique taste and smooth and quiet effects make Orange Bud a must-have and accessible CBD flower. Share us in comment your experience and your feelings compared to this CBD flower!


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