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04 July

Your guide to choose the best CBD flowers

CBD flowers become a popular way to consume cannabidiol. Those are the hemp flowers which have been selected to have high levels of cannabidiol and low or even non -existent levels of THC. They are therefore perfect for those who want to enjoy the benefits of CBD without the psychoactive effects of THC.

But with so many different types of CBD flowers on the market, how to choose the best for you? Here is your guide to choose the best CBD flowers.

What is a CBD hemp flower?

CBD hemp flowers on a white plan

Hemp female plantsproduce CBD hemp flowers. They are sometimes called “hemp buds” or simply “buds”. When the female plant matures and approaches the flowering phase of its life cycle, it devotes more energy to producing flowers covered with sticky substances called trichomes.

These trichomes, which shelter CBD and other cannabinoids, are formed to collect pollen in suspension in the air produced by male hemp plants.

Female hemp plants that are never pollinated create more of thesetrichomes, which means that they also create more sought -after cannabinoids. The CBD hemp flower is harvested from these seedless hemp plants, then dried, then finally sold.

Now let's see how to choose a good CBD flower and what are the characteristics to take into account.

Make sure the CBD flower is cultivated in the best conditions

When it comes to CBD flowers, the type of culture can make a big difference.

CBD flowers cultivated indoors tend to be of better quality and more powerful than those cultivated outdoors. Indeed, interior cultivators can control the environment and ensure that plants benefit from the perfect conditions for their growth. Cultivators outdoors, on the other hand, are at the mercy of time.

This does not mean that all the flowers of CBD Cultivated outdoors are of poor quality, but it is an element to keep in mind when you make your choice.

Hemp is a delicate plant, and obtaining high quality CBD flowers requires special attention. To produce high quality CBD flowers, it is essential to cultivate hemp in ideal environmental conditions.

When you want to buy CBD flowers, make sure they are produced ecologically, respecting the principles of organic cultivation. Like that, you are sure to achieve the expected results after using your flowers.

A CBD flower cultivated in the best conditions

Have a critical look at the color of your CBD flowers

The color of the CBD flower is also an important quality indicator. Pale CBD flowers are generally good quality than those of darker color.

Indeed, darker colors indicate a higher concentration of cannabidiol. CBD fresh flowers have naturally bright colors.

If you are looking for a powerful CBD flower, choose a flower of color like dark green or brown.

Pay attention to the aroma and the smell

A key factor in the quality of a CBD flower is its smell and the aroma it emanates.

Good quality CBD flowers have a strong smell, while those of lower quality will have a lower odor. The stronger the smell, the higher the concentration of cannabidiol.

One of the most distinctive characteristics of the CBD is its aroma. The scent of the plant depends on the variety of it. Among the most popular smells are fruity, earthy, or chocolate smells.

The taste of the CBD flower

Another key factor in the choice of a good quality CBD flower is taste. The best CBD flowers will have a strong and distinct taste. Flowers of lower quality will often have a bland or even unpleasant taste. If you can, try to taste the flower before buying it to make sure you like the taste.

CBD flower

Check the appearance of your flower!

When you choose a CBD flower, pay attention to the size and appearance of the flower. The best flowers will have wide and dense buds with a good amount of trichomes. Trichomes are tiny structures resembling hair that covers the surface of the bud and contain most of the cannabinoids.

You can inspect the appearance of a CBD flower to determine if it is of good quality. You absolutely should avoid buying flowers full of stems and petals (due to bad “curing”), because it will only cause waste of silver, since you pay to the gram. If you see that the flowers are well cut, and well finished, they are certainly of high quality. On the other hand, when flowering is large and aggressive, it frequently happens that the flower breaks and the trichomes deteriorate.

The head of the plant in question can also offer a variety of shapes depending on the type of flower. Type flowers Indica have a robust and compact head. Type flowers Sativa are generally soft and light.

Opt for a CBD flower with a cannabidiol level that suits you

When youChoose a CBD flower, it is also important to take into account the cannabidiol content. The cannabidiol concentration can vary considerably from one plant to another. Be sure to choose a flower whose cannabidiol level meets your needs and expectations.

The higher the cannabidiol concentration, the more the plant's effects will be pronounced. Conversely, a lower concentration will produce more subtle effects.

The CBD content varies from 7 to 25 %. If you are a beginner consumer, it is advisable to stick to the strains with lower CBD percentages, gradually going up the ladder with the experience.

If you are looking for a powerful CBD flower, choose one with a strong cannabidiol content. If you want a more moderate effect, opt for a flower whose cannabidiol concentration is lower.

What are the effects of CBD?

CBD flowers

The CBD has a Wide range of therapeutic effects potential. Some of them have been supported by scientific research, while others are more anecdotal.

CBD is known to interact withThe endocannabinoid system of the body, which plays a role in many important functions. CBD flowers are frequently used to relieve stress and anxiety. They can help you fall asleep naturally, avoiding the use of sleeping pills. The hemp flower can also contribute to the reduction of various pain and inflammation.

How to use CBD flowers?

Hemp flowers are not intended to be smoked, unlike their cannabis cousins. Dried flower petals can be used in interior decoration, as well as for aromatherapy and other uses at home. Flowers can also be mixed with a herbal tea in order totake advantage of the soothing benefits. As a reminder,Hempus of hemp herb does not produce psychotropic effects. It is intended to relieve anxiety disorders, strengthen the immune system and have antioxidant properties.

The best option is to soak your flowers in milk to keep all the advantages and benefits.

Pay attention to the legal framework of CBD products

Before buying CBD flowers, be sure to check the legal status of cannabidiol in your region. In some countries and states, the consumption of CBD flowers is completely illegal. In others, it is only legal for medical or research purposes. Make sure to know the laws in force in your region before buyingCBD products.

Legal framework for CBD products

Head for an expert seller

It is very important that you buy CBD hemp flowers from experts in the field to be sure of their origin, their effects and their contentTHC.

An expert will give you more advice on the different ways of consuming your CBD hemp flowers according to your needs. In addition, it will give you the plant that you need according to your profile. We must not forget that these are products That you will consume physically, so it is not to be taken lightly.


CBD flowers are a great way to benefit from the therapeutic benefits of cannabidiol without having to smoke it. By choosing a CBD flower which is cultivated in the best conditions and which has a good aroma, you can be sure of obtaining a quality product.

If you are looking for a high quality CBD flower, it is important to pay attention to the cultivator's reputation. This is whyIvory Suiss, Our 100% Swiss and hand -harmed certified CBD flowers are the ideal choice for those looking for a product of the highest quality possible. Have you made your choice? So what are you waiting for! Visit our website and choose from a wide choice ofOur CBD flowers!


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