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CBD Rock Flower

Discover this variety of flowers also called CBD rocks. Obtained from flowers which are soaked in CBD oil then coated with pollen or CBD isolate, these rocks are overpowered. These CBD rocks flowers contain benefits and virtues that suit to the most demanding consumers. Buy the best rock flowers from CBD on the market in France.

Natural product without tobacco or addified

Without pesticides or chemical fungicides

Cultivated by us

Hand -harvested

100% organic flowers

Hand -harvested

Quality packaging

Premium CBD Rocks Flower

Moon rocks

2 GR

Gold Rocks

2 GR

Ice Rocks

2 GR

What are CBD flowers rocks?

CBD rocks are cannabis flowers which are soaked in a bath CBD oil And then these flowers are coated with pollent CBD or CBD isolate for The Ice Rocks variety.

Unlike 99% sellers, we, Ivory Swiss Premium, we cultivate ourselves Our cannabis flowers This allows us to offer you CBD rocks from the best cannabis plants, the best oils and our best pollen. So you buy cannabis rocks with real effects that bring you the sought -after benefits on your body.

Our rock varieties are among the most famous and powerful market. These overpowered flowers appeal to the most demanding and experienced consumers. We no longer need to present The Moon Rock, The Gold Rock Where The queen, the Ice Rock !

These CBD flowers are the most powerful And we can recognize them by their particular appearance as small pebbles. These are compact and dense CBD flowers. The crystals that surround the flower are the cause of This concentration and this high CBD rate. CBD rocks are strong in the mouth and their powerful relaxation effects are felt very quickly. For people looking for a CBD flower with powerful and fast effects it is perfect. This variety of flowers is perfectly suited to CBD CBD consumer the most experienced.

We advise you to use a grinder For this kind of CBD flower to avoid dispersing these famous CBD rocks so special. The grinder allows you to keep all components of this flowers and thus to make the most of the powerful effects of this category of CBD flower.


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Cultivated in Switzerland

Distribution France & Europe

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