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A Story of Passion

Pioneers of the CBD industry in Europe and convinced of its impact on our future, we founded the Ivory Swiss brand in 2017. It is part of the Phytocann group, the European leader of the legal cannabis.
Passionate about hemp, our wish is to advance this industry by investing in research and development of CBD products.

Our teams take care of the product in its entirety, that is to say, from the mother plant to the pouch. For you, it is the guarantee of traceability at each stage and an exclusively Swiss production.

We collaborate with Growers Masters and Agronomist Engineers passionate about development and different production techniques related to the CBD. Environmentally friendly and working in symbiosis with nature, we produce our plants with the principles of permaculture. This type of innovative and healthy production allows us to build on the sustainability of this market and offers us unique finished products, of exceptional quality.

Premium Legal Swiss Cannabis

Produced with the utmost care in our plantations located on the Vaudoise Riviera, all our CBD flowers are 100% Switzerland certified. Our ambition is to offer you a flower grown in optimal conditions, in order to obtain an unparalleled product quality.

Cultivated in total harmony with nature, our cannabis grows organically without the contribution of artificial products. Our production methods offer you not only healthier flowers, but also more pronounced flavors, for genuine taste.

Our Ivory Swiss brand is aimed at all CBD consumers, beginners or curious. Our products contribute to maintaining the balance of the endocannabinoid system, in other words, they help you feel less stressed, more relaxed, better in your skin. In summary, Ivory Swiss is the possibility of enjoying cannabico-legal moments using premium quality products, manufactured in Switzerland.

Green Style Paradise

When we create a product, we think of you. You who are stressed because of work, family or life in general. You want to relax a little, to burn your mountain of worries against a moment of calm and serenity. You who spend your time juggling between the pots, the job, the sport and being able to spend recreational moments. That's why our product range is diversified and offers a panel of flavors like so many pleasures to choose from the heart of the Green Paradise. We deliver you unique products, of great quality and share the idea that the CBD is much more than just a product: it is almost, an art of living.

All our products are analyzed in a laboratory to certify our CBD and THC rates corresponding to European standards. By buying Ivory Swiss, you have the guarantee of a quality, legal and environmentally friendly product.


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Cultivated in Switzerland

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